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Dakine Rash Guard

The Dakine heavy duty ls rash guard is a peerless solution for keeping your skin safe during the night, it's made of durable materials that will never lose its protection, and it's designed to protect your skin from the elements. The rash guard also features an important feature - a strong and durable material that will never lose its performance.

Dakine Loose Fit Rash Guard

The Dakine waterman division rash guard is a safe and secure way to protect your skin from the front, it features a water resistant fabric that makes it a best-in-class way for the most daily use applications. The rash guard is further made out of a navy blue color which will put you in the mood for fun, the Dakine rash guard is a sterling product for protect your skin from the local environment. This guard is produced of 100% cotton and features a light blue color, it is a terrific way for folks who are hunting for a simple and stylish guard to wear. The Dakine rashguard is a comfortable, yet stylish and durable jacket that provides protection from sun and wind, the lycra fabric provides optimal fit and breathability, while the rashguard's long sleeve design provides plenty of air flow to keep you cool and comfortable. The Dakine women's rash guard is a terrific surrogate to protect yourself from the sun and other liquids, the guard is manufactured of durable materials and will keep your skin safe and healthy.